• View the change in stunning scenery & landscapes on your way to the Serengeti
  • Stay in the perfect combination of rustic & luxury accommodations
  • Experience the best of Western Tanzania with ideally located camps, scenic views & action-packed days
  • Enjoy the exclusive and remote Greystoke Mahale, reachable only by boat
  • Witness Chimpanzees up close and watch them go about natural routines & habits for a once in a lifetime experience

Areas Visited:

  • Ngorongoro Highlands
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Selous Game Reserve
  • Lake Tagalala
  • Steigler’s Gorge
  • Ruaha National Park
  • Mahale Mountains National Park

Day 1: Arrive to Arusha
Once you arrive to Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be met by an
Aardvark Safaris representative and transferred to your lodge where you will enjoy a
late night snack & restful night’s sleep before beginning your adventure the next
Overnight: Mount Meru Hotel

Day 2: Arusha – Ngorongoro Highlands
You will begin your journey with an early start, traveling to the lush
highlands of Ngorongoro. The Karatu area is home to numerous coffee
farms and lush forests of birds and monkeys. It’s a lovely place to acclimate
and enjoy a walk and some great food, in a beautiful garden, before the
excitement of your safari begins the following day.
Overnight: Plantation Lodge

Day 3: Ngorongoro Crater – Serengeti Plains
Get an early start for a morning of searching for big game and enjoying the
truly stunning scale of the Ngorongoro Crater. After a picnic lunch, you’ll
then descend from the highlands, cross Olduvai Gorge and venture across the
vast expanse of the southern Serengeti Plains.
This is one of the most iconic drives in Northern Tanzania and
although it’ll be a long day, it will also be a feast for the eyes. Arrive at
Serengeti Safari Camp in time to have a hot shower and a drink by the
campfire before dinner.
Overnight: Serengeti Katikati Camp

Day 4: Serengeti
Your Serengeti Safari Camp is a mobile camp, designed to be light enough to
move seasonally with the wildebeest, but to provide you with all the comforts
you need. Stylish yet simple, it is an enchanting and authentic safari
experience. Waking up to the sunlight streaming through the flaps, where tea
or coffee awaits you on your verandah, and going to sleep after a lovely hot
safari-style bucket shower, are just as much part of the experience. You’ll be
well cared for by a small team of capable and friendly staff when you’re not
out and about exploring with your Aardvark guide.
Overnight: Serengeti Katikati Camp

Day 5: Serengeti
The Serengeti is not only about the wildebeest, although they are definitely a
highlight. In addition to wildebeest, there are many other abundant
herbivores to view, including gazelle, zebra and giraffe. Don’t worry; there
are plentiful predators to see too, the most common being lions, hyenas and
cheetahs. You may be lucky enough to even spot a leopard! Bird life is also
rich and you can spend an hour just watching a flock of vultures competing
for scraps – it truly is a fascinating experience.
Overnight: Serengeti Katikati Camp

Day 6: Serengeti – Selous
Embark on an early flight from Serengeti to Selous on your scheduled flight.
The mile-wide Rufiji River winds through the great Selous Game Reserve –
the largest in Africa. Just an hour and a half’s flight from Serengeti to
Selous, will find you landing in the Selous Game Reserve. After a short
game drive, you’ll arrive at your Sand Rivers Camp, perched on the edge of
the Rufiji River, in the wildest part of the reserve. Settle into your open-fronted
room with a great river view, before lunch in the dining room. After
a siesta, take a relaxing, yet thrilling boat ride in search of hippos and crocs,
pausing in the swirling currents for a sundowner.
Overnight: Sand Rivers Camp

Day 7: Selous
This morning, you’ll wake to the sunrise with a hot cup of tea or coffee on
your verandah before heading out for a game drive in our open vehicle, with
an expert guide. You might explore the sand rivers, Lake Tagalala or any of
the variety of stunning wild habitats that are located in the Selous area.  After
some great game viewing, you will take a leisurely break, for an indulgent
bush breakfast. Later in the day, you can decide to go for a short walk, or
for those that seek adventure, could spend a nightfly-camping.
By camping in a simple, remote camp located away from the main safari camp,
fly-camping is a great opportunity to really connect with the wilderness &
often a highlight for many safari-goers.
Overnight: Sand Rivers Camp

Day 8: Selous
Wake up and take an early boat ride at a relaxed pace, down to the magical
Stiegler’s Gorge. From a mile wide, the river narrows, flanked by steep
forested walls and dotted with sandbanks. On one of the incredible
sandbanks, you’ll moor the boat and hop out for a picnic breakfast, perhaps
trying your hand at a little tiger fishing. As the day warms up, you’ll drift
gently back down the river, watching to see what animals are coming down
to drink. A leisurely afternoon by the pool, followed by a sundowner on
Lizzie’s Hill, is the ideal place to enjoy cocktails while watching the sunset,
after an exciting day of game drives. Conclude your time in Selous with an
enchanting outdoor dinner, beneath the star-filled sky.
Overnight: Sand Rivers Camp

Days 9-11: Selous-Ruaha
In the morning you will board your flight to Ruaha National Park, the largest
national park in Tanzania, and home to over an estimated 10,000 elephants.
You will check in to Kigelia Camp, your home for the next three nights.
With a diverse landscape, open plains filled with baobab trees, back-dropped
by iconic purple-tinged hills, and dry river beds, you will have the opportunity
to view all different types of species in Ruaha.  For the birdwatchers, there are
over 500 species that have been identified, with several resident species of
kingfishers, sunbirds, and hornbills including the endemic Ruaha red-billed hornbill.
An incredible variety of antelopes, huge herds of buffalo and substantial
groupings of giraffes can also be found here.  Big cats are also plentiful—leopards,
cheetahs, and prides of over twenty lions are not uncommon to see.  Venture to the
Ruaha River, and you will find the habitat for huge Nile crocodiles and pods of hippos.
The possibilities in Ruaha are endless, which is why you will enjoy 3 days spent here.
Overnight: Kigelia Camp

Day 12: Ruaha- Mahale
Embark on an early flight from Ruaha to Mahale on a scenic flight.
You’ll get the sense of heading into the wild frontier, as you land on
the little lakeside strip and climb aboard the Greystoke boat.  An hour
and half later, having relaxed into the rhythm of the water lapping
against the hull, you round a corner to see an unusual thatched roof perched
on a white beach, backed up by thickly forested mountains. This enchanting
and exclusive place is Greystoke Mahale, which can only be reached by boat.
Relax and settle into your open room and feel the sand between your toes.
Overnight: Greystoke Mahale

Day 13: Mahale
Mahale is one of only two protected areas for chimpanzees in Tanzania, and
the population here is the largest in the country.  Japanese researchers in the
1960s accustomed the chimps to the presence of human observers, allowing
you to view the animals in their natural environment.  Hike into the
mountains with local guides to search for the chimps, with the opportunity to
sit quietly to watch them go about their daily lives.  In addition to being a
place to view the chimpanzees, Mahale also has an abundance of birds; 335
bird species have been recorded here.
Overnight: Greystoke Mahale

Day 14: Mahale
As you enjoy a leisurely breakfast, the scouts will already be up on the
mountainside in search of the chimps. When they’ve been located, you’ll don
your walking boots and follow your guide into the maze of narrow trails.
Chimp trekking may take some hours, depending on how high the troops are
feeding, but be assured it is an incredibly special and moving experience you
won’t forget. Along the way, you’ll also see plenty of interesting plants and
some other primates. The guides and scouts have a wealth of knowledge
about the individual local primates; from many an hour spent
observing them.
Overnight: Greystoke Mahale

Day 15: Mahale
When you’re not in search of the chimps, there’s plenty to do at Greystoke.
Hop on the boat for a deep water swim in the warm, crystal clear lake or try
your luck with a fishing rod, which may even yield a fresh fish dinner. You
can also relax on the deck with a book or go for a tranquil cruise to
look for birds, hippos and perhaps a glimpse of one of the less habituated
chimps. In between adventures, you’ll enjoy the delicious food at Greystoke
and the attentions of the lovely camp crew.
Overnight: Greystoke Mahale

Day 16: Mahale-Arusha National Park
Enjoy one last morning hike through the jungle before boarding your
chartered flight, taking you back to Arusha. You will arrive in time for a
farewell lunch, some souvenir shopping, and a dayroom to prepare for your
flight home this evening. Your Aardvark Safaris guide will transfer you to
Kilimanjaro International Airport, where you will catch your flight home.
Dayroom: Arusha Coffee Lodge

Pre-Safari Extension: Arusha National Park
Arusha National Park sits on the edge of the picturesque Mt. Meru, and is just a
short drive from Arusha. Here you will explore the diverse landscapes from lush
forests, open savannahs, alkaline lakes & more, to view a wide variety of species.
You may even be lucky enough to spot the endangered black and white Colobus
Monkey! This is a great way to become familiar with your safari vehicle,
guide, and tips & tricks for spotting and identifying species. This extension also
allows you an extra day to get acclimated to your new time zone!
Days: 1
350 USD per person

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Excursion
Enjoy a bird’s eye view, as you peacefully float above the stunning Serengeti,
just as the sun starts to rise and the animals below become active. The
hour-long float trip will provide you with endless photographic opportunities
and an experience of a lifetime. Once back on land, celebrate with a champagne
toast and full breakfast in the bush, prepared just for you!
545 USD per person
Advanced reservations required

Candlelight Bush Dinner
Add a romantic, or memorable, evening to your safari experience with an
authentic bush dinner. You will be escorted to a scenic location, where your
candlelit table awaits you. Lanterns and a bonfire will supply the light for your
delicious meal, accompanied with wait staff and a chef. Listen to the nearby
lions and hyenas, while you enjoy this true safari experience!
135 USD per person

Post-Safari Extension: Volunteer Service
Want to give back to the local community of Arusha? We can arrange a volunteer
opportunity for you that will not only be rewarding for the local Tanzanians,
but an experience you will never forget. From visiting the orphanage Aardvark
Safari’s founder, Augustine, and his wife, started and currently run, to visiting
local hospitals, schools or villages, we will set up a volunteer experience that
perfectly suits your interests and passion.
Suggested Days: 3-5
260 USD per person