Walt Anderson

Walt Anderson has been Professor of Environmental Studies at Prescott College in Arizona since 1991, where his teaching focuses on natural history, ecology, wildlife management, conservation, ecotourism, nature art & photography. His words, illustrations, and photographs have appeared in many media, both scientific and popular, with his most recent book being Inland Island: The Sutter Buttes. Walt is a naturalist of old cast in modern times, the next generation of a proud and ancient lineage (David Cavagnaro). His extensive experience and knowledge are shared with keen enthusiasm and humor. Walt first East African safari was in 1979, and over the years he has become a keen interpreter of this land and its diverse wildlife. He has led many safaris for organizations as diverse as the World Wildlife Fund, Connecticut Audubon, Focus on Nature, and Betchart Expeditions. He serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Biocultural Conservation Institute, a non-profit working in East Africa in ecotourism and community-based conservation. Walt is an expert in field identification of organisms; in teaching ecological concepts and natural history; in collaborating with foundations, NGO, and local groups; and in group dynamics.