Augustine Mwangotya

Augustine Mwangotya, founder and owner of Aardvark Safaris, grew up at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro and studied at Tanzania College of Wildlife Management. He worked as a warden for the Tanzania Wildlife Department, gaining an invaluable network of contacts, and served as a driver-guide with major tour companies. Augustine  was a Masters Degree student at Prescott College, with his excellent graduate thesis being on community-based conservation in villages that occur on a wildlife corridor between two national parks in Tanzania. Armed with both academic credentials and extensive field experience, Augustine was in a unique position to create Aardvark Safaris. He has led safaris for many people and organizations over the years, including National Geographic, Natural Habitat, Semester at Sea, Sea Born, Jane Goodall Institute, Prescott College, Sierra Club, Jack Hannah, and Willy Smith.  Augustine’s warmth and humor, his intimate knowledge of animal behavior shared through captivating stories, his friendships with indigenous people, and his command of logistical details have given him a well-deserved reputation in the safari field.

Augustine’s wife, Winfrida Mwashala, is known internationally for establishing the first HIV/AIDS clinic & orphanage in Arusha.  She is currently founder & director of St. Lucia Community Healthcare & Orphanage.  Together, Augustine & Winfrida also founded the Sunflower International School, which is located in Arusha as well.  Volunteer opportunities are available at both places, if you choose to add the Volunteer Extension option to your safari!