Customized Safari

Here at Aardvark Safaris, we want you fulfill your every wish and dream, in order to create a perfect safari experience for you.  By choosing a Customized Safari, you decide where you want to go, what you want to see and what experiences you would like to engage in.

On a romantic getaway? We will set up a hot air balloon excursion that allows you to float peacefully above the migrating herds of animals, while sipping on champagne and watching a Serengeti sunrise. Want to view Tanzania from more than 19,000 feet above the ground? We can arrange a Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking expedition for you, before embarking on your safari. Avid photographer? Our expert guides know the parks inside and out and can take you to the most picturesque spots, when the sun’s glow is casting the perfect lighting for your pictures.

We encourage you to view our existing itineraries and safari extensions, to get an idea of what interests you. Then, fill out the below form, to give us more information on what exactly you’re looking for. Once we receive all of your information, our team will consult and create optional safari itineraries, customized just for you! There’s no charge for this service, so go ahead and get started on planning your dream safari experience!